Work From Home Optimizations for Citrix and YOU!

D.J.'s Guide to Being the WFH Hero!

So you're going from your normal 100 remote users to 1500 Work From Home users. Easy, right?


In this event, D.J. shares how to take the usual optimizations talked about his book "Be A Citrix Hero" and adapt them properly to supporting work from home.

But as an added bonus- D.J. will share his specific work from home strategy and how you can THRIVE instead of survive this time. But perhaps more importantly, learn how D.J. transformed his career during the last big event like this and how there is an opportunity for you to do the same!

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D.J. Eshelman

D.J. Eshelman is the author of "Be A Citrix Hero" where just as with this presentation, he distills down all the recommendations to let you know what to focus on to be successful right now.

D.J. knows you are likely busy with a bunch of tasks and getting overwhelmed with what blogs to read, what videos to watch, and where to get good information! He is passionate about seeing people succeed and advance their careers - making more money with less efforts and frustrations required.

D.J. has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, largely while serving with Citrix Consulting Services as a Resident Consultant.