Citrix Hero Ch 3 Q&A - Hypervisor and Hardware Optimization

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In this special 1.5-hr Q&A Stream:

  • Review of Chapter 3 (Hardware and Hypervisor Optimization)
  • Answering questions asked in advance
  • And of course- A Q&A with DJ for anything else we didn't cover

Come with your questions!

Oh- and did I mention we have a special guest?

Mark Plettenberg from Login VSI joins us and ads a lot to the discussion!

Can't make one of the live events? No problem. Replay will be available until March 30th! (note- replays happen 3x daily but you may be able to watch an instant replay at registration depending on server load).

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DJ Eshelman

DJ Eshelman is a Citrix Technology Advocate, veteran Citrix Consultant and CUGC local chapter leader in Nashville, TN USA.

He has been working primarily with Citrix technology since 2004 and now makes his knowledge and experience available not only to companies but individuals at

He is the author of "Become a Citrix Hero: 3 Top Mistakes, Fixes and Tips" - available at


Mark Plettenberg

Mark is a CTA and Product Manager at LoginVSI - the leader in load testing.

Mark has shown outstanding leadership in proactively testing virtual workloads and finding the best possible configurations; information they offer for free at LoginVSI.

Check out the video at for some great introductory information!